Perancangan Logo Sub-Brand Depdoo Sebagai Upaya Membangun Brand Consistency


  • alifia silmi kaffah prodi desain grafis, jurusan teknik grafika & peenrbitan, politeknik negeri jakarta
  • Dina Martin
  • Nabila Fajrina


Visual identity that can present brand image and consistent application can increase brand awareness and brand positioning. This research focuses on sub-brand logo design as a visual brand identity of Depdoo, an MSME business from Cianjur. Businesses run Depdoo include Coffee & Eatery, Laundry, Roasters, and CNC. This study uses qualitative methods, with data collection techniques through observation, interviews, and literature studies. Currently, Depdoo as an umbrella brand houses four sub-brands, has logos that are less relevant to each other and do not reflect the unity of the Depdoo brand. In addition, visually the brand logo and sub-brand of Depdoo are too conservative compared to the current more modern logo trend. Therefore, it needs a thorough overhaul by updating the Depdoo logo which will affect the brand image. A strong identity and good branding are needed for MSMEs to be competitive. The results obtained based on the results of SWOT and STP is to maintain brand awareness, with the design of the logo in accordance with the values and images to be conveyed to the target Depdoo target. This is done as an effort to create a visual branding that shows the unity or relationship between the umbrella brand and sub brand Depdoo, with the right logo redesign and systemastic.


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