Design of the Detector and Monitoring System for violations of motorized parking vehicles integrated with the FTTH network

sri danaryani



Violations of prohibited parking signs often occur in the Jakarta State Polytechnic environment where students often park their motorbikes in the prohibited parking area. This requires a system that can detect and monitor motorcycles parked by students. The problem is how monitoring parking violations can be done remotely? Fiber optic to the home can be used as a transmission medium to solve the problem of how to monitor remotely. IP cameras are used to monitor objects around the beacon, while the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor is used to detect objects around the beacon. The result of HC-SR04 design is able to detect objects approaching parking ban signs at a distance of less than 25 cm, which is marked by a buzzer sounding for 10 seconds. Detected data is processed by a microcontroller and sent to the nearest WiFi network using the Ethernet Shield. Wifi functions as a sending ONT that converts electromagnetic waves from the reading of data from the microcontroller into light waves that will be passed on optical fiber. The receiver's ONT device is connected to the web server. The LCD monitor on the Webserver reads the distance of the vehicle's position with the sensor, where the distance measured by the system differs from the actual distance of about 0.14cm or a reading error of 0.79%. System performance is measured using Wireshark where delay is 36 ms, packet loss 0%, throughput 27.55bps. Fiber attenuation measured by ODM is - 14.75 dBm.


Buzzer, FTTH, IP Camera, Mikrokontroler, Sensor Ultrasonik, Wireshark


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