Alat Pendeteksi dan Pengaman kebocoran Gas Elpiji Menggunakan Sensor MQ-5 Berbasis Mikrokontroller ATmega8

Yudi Wijanarko


A sensor is something that is used to detect any change in the physical or chemical environment. The output
variable of the sensor converted into electrical quantities is called the transducer. At this time, the sensor has
been made with a very small size with the order of nano meters. This very small size makes it easy to use and
save energy. Gas sensor MQ-5 is a gas LPG sensor made of micro ceramics AL2O3, TinDioxide (SnO2) is
sensitive, electrode and sensor head is made of plastic and stainless steel. The sensor head works well and is a
very sensitive component. The time of the active sensor depends on the distance of the sensor to the gas source,
when the sensor distance to the gas source is 10 cm when the active sensor is 0.79 seconds, when the sensor
distance and sensor source 20 cm when the active sensor is 0.83 seconds, up to the sensor distance and gas
source 100 cm active sensor time is 1.81 seconds, it shows the closer the sensor distance at the gas source then
the active sensor time will be faster, vice versa if the distance of the sensor to the gas source is farther the sensor
time is active longer. Vout sensor value is directly proportional to gas concentration value, when Vout sensor
value of MQ-5 0.8 volts gas concentration value is 299 ppm, while at Vout sensor is 5 volts then gas
concentration value is 506 ppm.


Gas Sensor MQ-05, Proximity Sensor, PPM

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