Peran Desain Produk dan Promosi Media Sosial Pada Pembelian Mandiri e-Money di Jabodetabek


  • Fitri Andriani Eka Putri Politeknik Negeri Jakarta
  • Tetty Rimenda Politeknik Negeri Jakarta


Desain Produk, Keputusan Pembelian Kartu Uang Elektronik, Mandiri e-Money, Promosi Media Sosial


The application of digitization of payments using electronic money with the nickname "tap and go" in various mass and micro public sector services has increased the public's need for this means of payment to the point where various alternatives of similar brands have emerged. Given the similarity in price, function, and technology, the competition for offering e-money cards is even tougher so purchases will depend on how consumers prefer the attractiveness of product designs and promotions shown by each brand. This research aims to determine the role of product design and social media promotion on consumer decisions to purchase Mandiri e-Money electronic money cards. 100 responses from Mandiri e-Money users in Jabodetabek were collected using a purposive sampling technique to be analyzed using the multiple linear regression method with the application of the SPSS version 26.0 program as a data processing tool. The results of the study show that product design and social media promotion partially or simultaneously have a significant positive influence on Mandiri e-Money purchasing decisions. As much as 72.4% of Mandiri e-Money purchasing decisions can be influenced by product design and social media promotion, it is hoped that Bank Mandiri will continue to improve product design and promotion of Mandiri e-Money in various online media. For further research, it can be developed by adding other factors such as ownership of a bank account considering that the majority of top-up balances by users are done through mobile banking.

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