Khalid Sulaiman_Analisis indikasi Financial Distress pada perusahaan pertambangan PT Borneo Olah Sarana Sukses Tbk dengan metode Altman Z-Score periode 2017-2022

Studi Kasus pada PT Borneo Olah Sarana Sukses Tbk


  • Khalid Sulaiman Yayat Rochadiyat Jakarta State Polytechnic
  • Fatimah Fatimah Politeknik Negeri Jakarta


Mining involves a series of activities that encompass research, management, and exploitation of minerals or coal. These
stages include general investigation, exploration, feasibility studies, construction, mining, processing, sales, and postmining activities. This research aims to predict the potential bankruptcy of a company in the mining subsector, namely
PT. Borneo Olah Sarana Sukses Tbk, using the Altman Z-Score methods. The method used in this research is quantitative
descriptive analysis. The population of the studied companies is PT. Borneo Olah Sarana Sukses Tbk in the period of
2017-2022. The sample was taken using purposive sampling method. In the context of PT. Borneo Olah Sarana Sukses
Tbk, the research findings indicate that both the Altman Z-Score scores indicate a risk of bankruptcy. This can be
interpreted as the company being in a financially unstable condition and potentially facing serious financial difficulties
in the future.

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