Analisis Tingkat Kesehatan Bank Menggunakan Metode Risk Based Bank Rating (RBBR) dan Metode Altman Z-Score Modifikasi (Studi Kasus Bank Muamalat Indonesia)


  • Kurnia Saidah Politeknik Negeri Jakarta
  • Nurul Hasanah Politeknik Negeri Jakarta


The background of this research is the plan submitted by Bank Muamalat which will conduct an Initial Public Offering (IPO) which will be carried out at the end of this year so that an analysis of bank performance is needed. The purpose of this study was to analyze the soundness level of Bank Muamalat during 2017-2022 using the Risk Based Bank Rating method and the Modified Altman Z-Score method. Based on the results of research on the health condition of Bank Muamalat using the Risk Based Bank Rating (RBBR) method in 2017-2018, it obtained a composite score of 3 or the "Healthy Enough" category. In 2019-2022 Bank Muamalat obtained a composite score of 3 or the "Healthy" category. This is driven by the Risk Profile factor which is represented by the NPF ratio which is ranked 2 or the “Healthy” category and by the FDR ratio which is ranked 1 or the “Very healthy” category. Then on the GCG factor of Bank Muamalat which received a rating of 3 or the "Quite Healthy" category while the earning factor represented by the ROA ratio which received a rating of 4 or the "Unhealthy" category. On the capital factor, it is ranked 1 or in the "Very Healthy" category. Based on the Modified Altman Z-Score method, it shows that in 2017-2022 the Z-Score value obtained is below 1.1 with the level of financial risk at Bank Muamalat being placed in an unhealthy condition or has
the potential to experience bankruptcy or financial distress (financial distress). This research is expected to be taken into consideration by the public or investors in making investment decisions at Bank Muamalat.

Kata kunci : Risk Based Bank Rating, Modified Altman Z-Score, Bank Muamalat, Financial Health

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