Analisis Pengaruh Pengetahuan Investasi, Pendapatan, dan Influencer Media Sosial Terhadap Minat Generasi Milenial Pada Investasi Reksadana Melalui Aplikasi Bibit


  • Anisa Aulia Putri Politeknik Negeri Jakarta
  • Lini Ingriyani


Currently in Indonesia, interest in investing in mutual funds is increasing, especially among the millennial generation. The millennial generation currently has problems with financial management with the difficulty of distinguishing needs from lifestyle. On the other hand, millennials are very active in playing social media. The current phenomenon is that many cases of investment fraud also often occur as a result of an influencer. Information is currently very easy to obtain through social media. This will pose a risk if millennials do not sort information wisely and have basic knowledge about investment. This study was conducted with the aim of seeing the effect of investment knowledge, income, and social media influencers on millennial generation interest in mutual fund investment. This research is quantitative research. The data in this study were obtained from questionnaires filled out by 100 respondents who had met the criteria. The method used in this research is multiple linear regression analysis. From the research results found that the T test on the investment knowledge variable is 11.779 with a significance of 0.000, which means that it has a positive and significant effect on investment interest, while the income T test value is 0.581 with a significance of 0.562, which means that it has no significant effect on investment interest, and social media influencers have a result of 2.017 with a significant effect on investment interest.

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