Pengaruh Kesadaran Halal Dan Kualitas Produk Terhadap Keputusan Pembelian Produk Pangan: Studi Kasus Konsumen J.CO Donuts & Coffee


  • Firly Alaina Marwan Politeknik Negeri Jakarta
  • Ach Bakhrul Muchtasib Politeknik Negeri Jakarta


Based on survey results from the Top Brand Awards institution, J.CO is ranked first as the best-selling donut shop in Indonesia. However, according to the results of pre-research to 25 respondents, the results show that there are problems with the quality of J.CO donut products that lack quality from taste, product durability, customer satisfaction and comparison with other donut shops. Not only product quality, the interview results show that respondents do not pay attention to the halalness of a product in making purchases. This study aims to analyze the effect of halal awareness and product quality on purchasing decisions for J.CO donuts & coffee. The data analysis method in this study is Partial Least Square - Structural Equation Model (PLS-SEM) using SMARTPLS 3.0 statistical software and using a questionnaire as an instrument to take a sample of 120 respondents who are J.CO consumers in Jabodetabek. The results prove that halal awareness has a positive but insignificant influence on purchasing decisions for J.CO donuts and product quality has a positive and significant influence on purchasing decisions for J.CO donuts. The novelty of this research is the combination of halal awareness and product quality variables as independent variables which are still rarely found for research in the food industry sector and the use of the PLS-SEM method. The results of this study are expected to be useful for J.CO as an additional reference in increasing consumer purchasing decisions to buy J.CO donuts.

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