Kinerja Keuangan Bank Digital Syariah dengan Metode Risk Profile Good Corporate Governance Earnings Capital dan Sharia Conformity and Profitability Model (Studi Bank Aladin Syariah)


  • Aprilia Nur Fitriana PNJ
  • Nurul Hasanah


This research is motivated by Bank Aladin Syariah, which experienced losses after switching to a digital bank or from the 2nd quarter of 2021 to the 4th quarter of 2022, so it is necessary to assess financial performance. The purpose of this study was to analyze financial performance using the RGEC and SCnP methods and evaluate the financial performance of Bank Aladin Syariah. The type of research used is descriptive quantitative using secondary data, namely financial reports, GCG reports and other supporting sources. The results showed that the financial performance of Bank Aladin Syariah using the RGEC method in 2020 was healthy and in 2021-2022 it was quite healthy. The financial performance of Bank Aladin Syariah using the SCnP method in 2020 is in the URQ position and in 2021-2022 is in the LRQ position. Evaluation of the ratio calculation, there are several ratios in good condition and must be maintained by the company such as the NPF ratio, CAR, Islamic Investment, Islamic Income. The ratios that need to be improved and increased are the FDR, ROA, ROE, NOM, NPM, and Profit Sharing ratios. There are implications of the research results including for academics to be used as a source of knowledge related to the financial performance of Islamic banking. For Bank Aladin Syariah, this research can be material for bank evaluation. For potential investors, it can be a material consideration for making decisions in making investments.

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