Pengaruh Mobile Banking Application Quality dan Cash Recycling ATM Service Quality terhadap Kepuasan Nasabah

Studi Kasus: PT. BNI (Persero) Tbk. di Kota Depok


  • Andi Amirah Adita Putri Politeknik Negeri Jakarta
  • Heri Abrianto Politeknik Negeri Jakarta


This study examines the effect of Mobile Banking Application Quality and Cash Recycling ATM Service Quality at PT. BNI (Persero) Tbk. to the satisfaction of their customers in Depok City. A total of 100 respondents have been obtained and met the research criteria. This study used non-probability purposive sampling techniques, while the data analysis techniques in this study were multiple linear regression analysis with SPSS 26 analysis tools. The results showed that Mobile Banking Application Quality variable and Cash Recycling ATM Service Quality variable had a positive and significant effect, both partially and simultaneously on BNI’s customers in Depok City. The results of this research are expected to contribute to the Bank, especially BNI itself, in order to maintain and improve services for their customers.

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