Strategi Memenangkan Persaingan Dompet Digital (Studi Kasus: GoPayJago)


  • Nandini Syalsha Alvioni Politeknik Negeri Jakarta
  • Ali Masjono Muchtar Politeknik Negeri Jakarta


Technological advances in the development of digital banking and e-wallets have resulted in intense market competition. So, it is considered that it is necessary to apply a strategy to win the competition. Making products with attributes that meet customer expectations is one of the strategies that can be used, so that attributes are considered to be an important thing to achieve customer satisfaction. This study examines the effect of product attributes such as user interface, responsiveness, reliability, security & privacy, performance, contact, and customization on GoPayJagp customer satisfaction. A total of 200 people who met the research criteria, namely GoPayJago customers who were over 17 years old and lived in Jabodetabek, were obtained. The data analysis technique used is PLS-SEM with SmartPLS version 3.2. The results of this study indicate that the user interface, responsiveness, reliability, security & privacy, performance, and contact have a positive and significant effect on customer satisfaction, while customization has no effect. The reliability attribute is the most dominant in influencing customer satisfaction with a loading factor value of 0.256. The strategy undertaken by GoPay and Bank Jago in facing competition is to develop financial services by integrating digital banking services into the Gojek application, opening wider access for the Indonesian people to digital banking services.

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