Model Perhitungan Penentuan Tarif Sewa Mobil Menggunakan Metode Cost Plus Pricing

Pada YFA Rental


  • Shafira Karamina Politeknik Negeri Jakarta
  • Herbirowo Nugroho


Rental Rates, Competition Based Pricing, Cost Plus Pricing


YFA Rental offers three models of cars for public rental, the Toyota Innova, Toyota Rush, and Toyota Avanza. They set their rental rates using the Competition Based Pricing method, a system that doesn't factor in actual operational costs and could negatively impact the long-term sustainability of the business. This research intends to calculate and compare rental rates using the Cost Plus Pricing method against YFA Rental's current approach, and to explore the long-term implications for the business of both methods. The research adopts a descriptive quantitative approach and relies on primary data. The data were gathered via interviews and observations at YFA Rental. The findings reveal discrepancies in rental rates between the Competition Based Pricing and Cost Plus Pricing methods. With the Cost Plus Pricing, specifically the Full Costing approach, two out of the three car models have higher rental rates than those set by Competition Based Pricing. In light of this, the research suggests that any increases in rental rates resulting from the Cost Plus Pricing method should be compensated with additional rental services.

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