Pengaruh Digitalisasi, Gaya Hidup, dan Literasi Keuangan Terhadap Minat Menabung Emas Melalui PT Pegadaian (Studi Kasus pada Generasi Z di Jabodetabek)


  • Chintia Octaviana Handayani BKT 8A


Technology provides ease for Generation Z to save and facilitates their access to financial knowledge, which can lead Generation Z to have good financial behavior as well. This study aims to analyze the influence of digitization, lifestyle, and financial literacy on the interest in saving gold through PT Pegadaian among Generation Z in Jabodetabek. It is a quantitative research using an associative research method. The non-probability sampling technique, specifically purposive sampling, is used, with a sample size of 100 respondents. The data is analyzed using multiple linear regression analysis with SPSS software version 26. The questionnaire is distributed online using The conclusion of this research, based on the results of statistical tests, shows that the variable with a significant partial influence is only financial literacy, whereas, simultaneously, all independent variables, namely digitization, lifestyle, and financial literacy, have an influence on the dependent variable, which is the interest in saving gold through PT Pegadaian. For future research, it is recommended to expand the studied generation and include other independent variables such as income, risk, and promotion. Furthermore, it is suggested to investigate the research until the purchasing decision (saving) of gold savings products, in order to ensure a more objective assessment and research, as this study only assesses the interest or willingness to save gold among Generation Z.

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