Sistem Penerangan pada Smart Home Berbasis PLC

Hellen Nurnajmilla Pratiwi, Wisnu Hendri Mulyadi


Smart home is a system in a house that has the aim of making it easier for homeowners to monitor and control the condition of electronic equipment connected from the user's smartphone. With this aim, Smart Home prototype was made that would make it easier for users to control and supervise the lighting and cooling systems. Lighting and cooling in this Smart Home is controlled using PLC Outseal. The PLC is added with the DT-06 module so that the PLC can connect to smartphones via Wi-Fi wirelessly. Control on smartphones can be done with the HMI Modbus application which can be downloaded on the Playstore. In addition to smartphones, lighting and cooling on the Smart Home prototype can also be controlled with a push button like a house in general. The lighting and cooling conditions can be monitored via the user's smartphone, making it easier for users to monitor. The lights that are turned on using the push button will be monitored through the HMI so that the lights on the HMI will also light up. When the lights are turned on using a smartphone there is a delay of 5 seconds as well as when the lights are turned off. This 5 second delay can be caused by the time it takes to send information over the internet to the PLC.


Keywords: DT-06, IoT, Control, Smart Home, Wi-Fi, HMI Modbus


DT-06; IoT; Control; Smart Home; Wi-Fi; HMI Modbus


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