Design of Monitoring and Control Systems for Cayenne Pepper Plants Using an Android Application Based on Wireless Mesh Network

Randiansah Randiansah


Design of monitoring and control systems for cayenne pepper plants using an android application based on wireless mesh network (WMN), is a system designed to display information in the form of temperature & humidity values, soil moisture values and also for controlling electronic devices in such as DC pumps with each function as a water pump and a fertilizer pump. This system uses wireless transmission media with a WMN network system that uses four Mikrotik Routerboards arranged with a mesh topology in which all nodes are interconnected with each other. Arduino uno and ethernet shield are used as the main processors and to transmit the readings of several sensors and relay values to the server using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTP) communication protocol. To monitor the system, an android application is used on the client side which can display sensor readings and relay control. Android applications can run smoothly with a power signal> -54 dBm and start experiencing transmission problems at a power signal of -70 dBm. When the power signal is <-85 dBm, the android fails to display the sensor readings. The WMN network performance on data communication with the HTTP protocol resulted in a packet loss value of 0%, a delay of 32.4 ms, a throughput value for HTTP requests of 1700 bits / s, and a value for the HTTP response throughput of 1000 bits / s. The quality of this network is excellent because it has 0% packet loss and a delay of less than 150ms.


Electrical; Telecommunication; Network; Mesh; Arduino; Microcontroller

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