Analisis Kualitas Jaringan 4G LTE dengan Metode Drive Test pada Jalur Pelayaran Tanjungpinang-Batam

Fitri Farida, Sapta Nugraha


The development of cellular communication technology continues to increase both in terms of products and services. 4G LTE telecommunications technology has become a standard in cellular services in Indonesia. Observing network quality using the drive test method with applications that are compatible with 4G LTE, one of which is G-Net Track Pro. The research location is the Tanjungpinang - Batam shipping line. Measurement of network quality based on parameters RSRP (Reference Signal Receives Power), RSRQ (Reference Signal Receives Quality), SINR (Signal to Interference Noice Ratio). Based on the results of measurements that have been made on the Tanjungpinang - Batam shipping line using ferries, the RSRP percentage value is very good at 1.2%, good 2%, normal 19.7%, bad 76.7% and very bad 0.4 %. The percentage of RSRQ values is very good 3.1%, good 5.95%, normal 62.9%, bad 26.4%, very bad 1.71%. The percentage of SINR score in the category of very good is 0.2%, good 39.4%, normal 38.3%, bad 21.6% and very bad 0.6%.


Drive test; G-Net Track Pro; LTE; RSRP; RSRQ; SINR


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