Analisa Metode PID pada Plant Water Heater dengan Karakteristik FOPDT ( First Orde Plus Dead Time )

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Automation control is an important part on robotics systems, modern manufacturing, and various industrial operations
including of temperature control, pressure, humidity, flow and others. One of the most common control methods in the
industries is PID (Proporsional + Integral + Derivatives) which in its use proves to be very effective and will be easy to
the operation of the system.The most important thing at the design of PID control is the existence of tuning or determine
the parameter values P, I, and D in order to obtain a good system response. This method is implemented directly
because it provides simple tuning rules for determining PID parameters. PLC (Programable Logic Controller) is
combined with the PID method of the water heater system. The PLC program testing is done by uploading the PLC
program, and activating the online mode on the software so that the PLC program can be monitored and observed in
real-time by PC. In this research are design and build prototype of water heater by using PID PLC control method. The
working principle is to maintain water temperature, where water temperature has been determined 0-45 degree celcius,
then set point (SV) must be equal to measured water temperature value by a water heater (PV) tank, in other words SV
= PV. The test data shows by simulation of Ziegler Nichols tuning method for Kp = 49,09, Ki = 1,636 and Kd 368,175
will be produces overshoot with a rise time response less than 100 seconds and a settling time of 150 seconds . At
conditions of temperature 45 degrees Celsius for kp = 49.09, Ki- 1,636 and Kd = 368,175, like seen on HMI, response
will rise and return to the original position with time difference of 70 seconds (420 seconds - 350 seconds). For
parameter value Kp = 490 , ti = 30 and td = 7,5%, for setpoint value = 45% will get output value (PV) = 53% with error
percentage = 8%, this is like seen in HMI.


PID, Water Heater, PLC, Respons time

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